Senator Feinstein’s Abortion Blunder

During the Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court hearing, Sen. Feinstein attempted to make a statement against the judge’s confirmation. In doing so, she unwittingly misrepresented the data that was originally reported in a 2003 analysis of abortion by the Guttmacher Institute. Rather than give the correct numbers with regard to the number of children who lost their lives through abortion, she mistakenly understood the numbers as referring to the number of women who died during an abortion over the 20 years prior to the 1973 Roe versus Wade Supreme Court decision. She claimed that between 200,000 and 1.2 million “women died” in the 50s and 60s. The analysis actually claimed that these numbers reflected the number of children killed during this period. OOPS!

The facts of the study actually provide data that are not supportive of abortion. The number of women who died due to a botched abortion over the twenty years prior to 1973 is 20,000, much fewer than the 200,000 to 1.2 million children who were killed by abortion. The children faired much worse than the mothers who died trying to avoid motherhood.

The truly troublesone reality of the costs of abortion are seen when these numbers are extrapolated from 1950 through 1973 (Roe vs. Wade decision) and on to 2020. The 20,000 deaths of women from 1950 -1970 amouunts to 1,000 mother-deaths per year. Extended to 2020, this amounts to 70,000 women dying due to abortion; however, keep in mind that the number of deaths would be much lower because after 1973, abortions were executed in a safer or less life-threatening conditions. How does this number relate to the number of children lost to abortion over the same period: 1950-2020? The numbers of lives lost at the hands of their mothers over these 70 years is 60,000,000–that’s right 60 million babies lost compared to 70,000 mothers.

Senator Feinstein was hoping to cause the shedding of tears for the mothers of abortion by claiming falsely that up to 1.2 million women lost their lives while trying to kill thier infants in the womb. Sounds horrible, but she never spoke of the number of infants killed and she mistakenly gave the wrong numbers of mother deaths. So let’s put the numbers side by side and then consider on which side our grief, our utter horror should lay. 70,000 mothers lose their lives attempting to eliminate the births of their children; 60 million children are killed at the hands of their mothers.

If I had to choose between Roe versus Wade being upheld or dismissed, which is a choice between women going back to the “back alleys” to have an abortion or killing their children in the “sanitary” confines of a killing center, I would favor “back alley” abortions. Just think of it–if abortions were illegal, 70,000-200,000 mothers and infants would be lost, but 59,800,000 children would have a chance at life. The positive thing about this option is that women retain a choice. They can bear the child to birth or they can choose to kill the child and possibly themselves. In this case, we can all be pro-choice and save the lives of millions of people. It’s a no-brainer! Illegal immigration would also become a non-issue. Win-win!

Senator Feinstein, your “misspeak” is a lifesaver! You have been zapped!

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Emily Larsen | Fact Check Reporter



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