Bringing Past Indiscretions into the Present

Some are asking: “Why do so many Christians support an adulterer and sexual pervert the likes of Donald Trump?” This particular question is often raised in the news media, by democrat neighbors, co-workers, and family members. If you recall, Senate Candidate from Alabama, Judge Roy Moore, was also laden with unproven accusations of sexual misconduct from people, whose paths he crossed 30 or more years before he ran for political office. One accusation was from someone he apparently molested in some way just after he returned from Vietnam. The accusation turned both Democrats and conservative Christians against Mr. Moore to such an extent that he lost the race. Recently, baseball player’s youthful indiscretions in tweets have been uncovered and the athletes forced to apologize for comments long forgotten.

In today’s political, entertainment (sports, etc.), social, and religious climate, one’s past “sins” or indiscretions forfeit a person’s right to work in the public eye. One indiscretion, no matter how minor or old, uncovered or even created by the media, results in the destruction of the careers of many, some of whom are good and decent people who have moved past these events to become productive and successful citizens.

Donald Trump was not my choice for President of the United States because he lied about Ted Cruz and his family. However, once the primary for President was over and Trump had won, I had to be willing to forgive Donald Trump for this deception and move on to voting for a President. I looked at the two candidates and found that, of the two, Donald Trump would be better for the American people because of his conservative political leanings and his understanding of business.

Eventually and after looking at his present family, his present marriage to Malania, and taking note of his promises, most of which I appreciated and wanted for the benefit of the American people and the nation’s future, I decided to vote for him. I do not know if he or any member of his family is Christian, but I do care about the lives of people of faith in this country. Persecution of Christians is growing daily due to a corrupt media and progressives who see believers in Christ as Nazis and a threat to their anti-god and anti-family principles, which we are and have the right to be. My good conscience would never permit me to vote for someone who thinks that I and those who think like me are deplorable and a threat to America. I am neither–I am a conservative Christian who loves the God of Scripture, the traditional family, life, liberty (freedom), and this country for which my family for generations has served and fought.

The question, “Why do Christians support a man whose past is so perverse morally?” still needs to be answered. Simply stated, Christians believe in remorse, contrition, restoration, repentance, forgiveness, mercy, grace, “do-overs” and second chances. To the point–Christians believe in redemption, not resentment! Because each of us has experienced forgiveness and redemption from God, we must always be willing to grant it to others (we’ll deal with forgiveness later in a Let’s Talk article). To be unwilling to forgive and desire redemption for another person is thoroughly godless and a selfish mindset. Although I am not personally aware of Mr.Trump asking for forgiveness, my willingness to grant it, should he ask, is instantly available at a moment’s notice. This desire to grant forgiveness and to hope for redemption is a Christian’s natural state of mind. Though I have not committed the same sins as Donald Trump, I am not without sin. I have been forgiven by God and others and the Lord has given me eternal life. How could I not forgive and hope at least for the betterment of others? In the same way that Jesus offered Mary Magdeline a second chance, so will I offer a second chance to anyone, rich or poor.

My prayer for President Trump is that he will never again fall prey to his sexual proclivities and that he and his family will gradually come to realize that true faith and knowledge of God in Christ is the only path to relational and spiritual maturity in this life and in the next. People who have been harmed by others should seek out those who harmed them and privately repair those relationships, if possible. If legal remedies are required, take the person to court (as a Christian, however, this option is not available to you if the one who created the offense is also a Christian. In this situation, take the injustice or the offense to the elders of the Church). But in no way should a person hold onto or obsess over deep hatred due to past injustices–this is vindictive and self-destructive. Throwing past sins, injustices or offenses in the face of another is unconscionable. When it is done publicly, it is pure evil. “Let him who has not sinned cast the first stone!”

The media, and sadly Fox News in their mishandling of the Roy Moore accusations during the coverage of the Alabama Senate race, who have continued to destroy their opponents by repeating mere accusations and past sins, are the worst of the worst. Their ability to spread their slimy accusations across the air-waves of the nation and the world makes their offense doubly abhorrent. The media’s sexual abuse by its own leaders and employees, that we citizens have had to endure, proves they have no right to cast aspersions on others–hypocrites. We are all fallen human beings; we are not naturally good, contrary to humanist thinking. Goodness comes as a gift from the God of Scripture, whose love for humanity moved Him to send His Son to die on behalf of our abhorrent and sinful nature, to die for you and for me so that we could develop the kinds of relationships that offer redemption instead of revenge. Keeping the past in the present keeps us in the past, moving from sullen to vindictive, but never forward in any good, meaningful and lasting way. 

I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet (I don’t know it all or have my life as orderly and selfless as I would like), but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus (to be more righteous each and every day)” (Philippians 3:13-14).

Media–you have been zapped. You know nothing about the greater number of people in this country who long more for love and peace than your constant demeaning of everything that founded America. You really should not be biting the hands that feed you.

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